A fun, knowledgeable biblical game for 1 to 4 players at a device (mobile phones and tablets are recommended to rotate in width). The aim of the game is to put 8 cards with biblical events in chronological order. Chronologicon can also be played in Bible book mode. These are in childish mode sorted as in the Bible, or in chronological order in the adult option.

Game type
List of players

1) You always begin your move by throwing a dice. You can get coins on the colored boxes (light/heavy question, going through the start).

In one roll you can:


2a) Buy a card from pack of cards:

2b) display the last card from your pack:

(In the beginning you have 5 cards, the other ones you have to buy)

Aim of the game is to display and sort 8 cards here:
Player's level:
Player's level: